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MattCha's Blog | Liver of life, drin..
A blog that is authored by Matt but is yours and the tea's as much as..
The name of this cake from Teas We Like  ($160.00 for 357g cake or $0.45/g)  is a bit of a play on words.  The “Naked” is ..read more
On the Teas We Like website ($110.00 for 357g cake or $0.30/g) this puerh is described as true dry Taiwanese storage sourced right ..read more
I was about to place a re-order of Yang Qing Hao though Emmitt’s Yang Qing Hao group order and was surprised at how steeply some of the ..read more
I picked up a sample of this puerh this Summer which I’ve never tried before and that has a rather long history in the Western world ..read more
Most readers will be familiar with MarshalN’s famous post Hitting Hard with A Hammer.  In this post, MarshalN recommends the buying ..read more
What does Thicc (thick) puerh actually taste like?  I guess it could mean many different things depending on who you ask and what they ..read more
Ok…. so I accidentally made the assumption that the early maocha that I had kindly received this summer by Tiago that was labeled “ ..read more
Emmett sent this free sample of an interesting Huangpian with my last order from Yang Qing Hao…. Dry has a creamy sweet note to it with ..read more
If we accept the two premises of that: 1- The same puerh production will have varying quality year to year regardless of how hard a vendor ..read more
It occurred to me sometime in the last few years that all Western puerh vendors press both very good and not as good puerh.  None are ..read more

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