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In this website, we focus to provide more info about DOG breed's and ..
You might have seen pair of DOGS having mating near the roadside but after sometime they get stuck in a position of butt to butt and not ..read more
Imagine you have Special Guest around your House your DOG comes in licks your Guest's hand and later licks its PRIVATE PART then you and ..read more
HOWL:  A long, doleful cry uttered by an animal such as a DOG or wolf. BARK:  The sharp explosive cry of a DOG, fox or seal. BAY:  ..read more
ALL DOG INFO by Dog Breed's - 1M ago
Intresting DOG facts : 1) The United states has a huge population for pet DOG adapted and trained. 2) DOG is mans best friend and ..read more
DOGs shiver because of 2 Main Reasons 1. They need your attention (DOG’s are smart actors).2. Something is bothering them.( ..read more
Vomiting is a vibrant function in DOGs, as for eating about anything. Vomiting makes the DOG’s body like correcting a mistake. Some ..read more
Panting is a common DOG behaviour and cooling mechanism for DOGs, but you may wonder why it occurs, or whether your pet's panting is ..read more
Mounting (also known as "humping" or "hunching") is a normal behaviour in both DOG SEXES even before they reach before sexual maturity. ..read more
I CHALLENGE YOU TO SHARE THIS ARTICLE IF IT MELTED YOUR HEART DOGs do plenty of cute things, but there are few behaviours more adorable ..read more
Circling the BED is a commonly observed behaviour in ALL BREED DOGS that we should have expected that there would be a reasonable amount ..read more

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