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Live Work Breathe
I have a passion for helping my clients gain clarity and focus about wher..

So what’s the difference between a life coaching conversation and a chat with a good friend? Both are in your corner and want the best ..read more
Live Work Breathe by Sue Brackstone - 2M ago

There are many causes of stress at work. These can include job/financial uncertainty, being expected to take on too much or receiving ..read more

Practising mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your general wellbeing. Mindfulness can help you to be ..read more

Sometimes it feels like you have no time for the things you want to do. Work and family life spill into each other. It’s easy to feel ..read more

We’ve all met difficult people at work. Sometimes there are people we just can’t seem to get along with. Most of the time this isn’t ..read more
Live Work Breathe by Sue Brackstone - 2M ago

Management restructuring, cutbacks, expansion. Change at work is a major cause of stress. It’s not just that change can be difficult. If ..read more

I get many different reactions when I tell people that I’m deaf. Most are surprised “but you speak so well” or “I never would have ..read more

It’s something that everyone wants, yet finding work/life balance seems elusive, another impossible goal. At some point most of us feel ..read more

Life coaching is about empowering people to create positive change in their life. But how does real change happen? Why do some people seem ..read more
Live Work Breathe by Sue Brackstone - 2M ago

Is work/life balance an impossible dream? Or is there a way of working and living that means we are being truly authentic and honest with ..read more

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