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Daily Italian Words
We love languages and we'd love to help you learn Italian! On this we..
Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, is one of the oldest and most common phobias in the world. This word and ragno (masculine, plural: ..read more
Coniglio (masculine, plural: conigli), the Italian word for rabbit or bunny, can be quite difficult for English speakers to pronounce ..read more
Do you suffer from creaky knees or find yourself struggling not to fall asleep on the couch at two in the afternoon? If so, you may be ..read more
The name Italians give to that mysterious underwater creature with eight legs is polpo (masculine, plural: polpi). This term is used for ..read more
Life can be a struggle at times but with the help of comforting words of encouragement from a friend or family member, and a little ..read more
If somebody asks you a question and you simply can’t think of the answer, the best (and most honest) way to respond is by saying I don ..read more
The word for onion in Italian is cipolla (feminine, plural: cipolle). They are a key ingredient in Italian cooking along with garlic, ..read more
When talking about the dark as it relates to nighttime or the absence of light, Italians use the adjective buio. IPA: /bù·io/The ..read more
The terms ocean and oceano (masculine, plural: oceani), which derive from the Greek ōkeanos, refer to the largest expanses of salt water ..read more
Arancione (plural: arancioni) is the word for the colour orange in Italian. IPA: /a.ranˈtʃo.ne/It derives from the word arancia ..read more

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