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My Location of Thoughts During a Buffer Overflow. Follow to get updates o..

All too often an interesting item is discovered on a system and everyone wants to know if the item exists on any other systems. This could ..read more

Removing the profile and registry entry The post Completely removing users using PS appeared first on CyberFibers ..read more

The post Invoke-Ghostlog: An Event Log Wiping Technique appeared first on CyberFibers ..read more

Network grep (ngrep) is a great program that allows you to search and filter network packets rather quickly. There is some resemblance to ..read more

Redline is one of a few memory capture/analyzer programs that I keep in my toolkit. How it works is that the software needs to only be ..read more

Once installed, you can use the program via the GUI or command line. If utilizing the GUI, it is very straightforward as there are only ..read more

NOTE: The user you run the script with must have the “Discovery Management” RBAC Role. This script will search all mailboxes for email ..read more
CyberFibers by Wiredpulse - 5M ago

These tools will generate traffic and transmit it, retransmit traffic from a capture file, perhaps with changes, or permit you to edit ..read more

This script will create a temporary web server on the local system and will listen on the host IP and specified port. You will then be ..read more

This script displays the current TCP/IP connections for a local or remote system to include the PID, process name, port, and its current ..read more

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