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Little Glengyre Livery and Equine Ser..
With a broad knowledge and years of experience our family team work toget..

Common questions from clients are; how far apart do i need my trot poles? How do I measure my canter poles? How long is a one stride double ..read more

There are several answers to this question, which in turn lead to more questions. Is my horse balanced? Is my horse in pain? Is my horse ..read more

This blog post is here to outline some basic but effective exercises for you and your horse to improve your aids and help support the ..read more

Triceps - The triceps are a superficial muscle, they attach the shoulder blade to the elbow, the elbow to the humerus. They allow the ..read more

The Bracheocephalicus is a superficial muscle that runs along each side of the neck. It attaches the base of the skull and C1, the first ..read more

The Trapezius muscle is a superficial muscle that is found around the withers. It attaches the cervical and thoracic vertebrae to the ..read more

The Latissimus Dorsi is a superficial back muscle that attaches to the supraspinous ligament and thoracolumbar fascia. It inserts on the ..read more

The Longissimus runs along the vertebrae. It attaches to the transverse processes of the spine running from the atlas down to the lumbar ..read more

Your horses intercostals muscles lie between the ribs and aid in respiration. The intercostals are a very common area for muscle tightness ..read more

Poles- Balance, Rythm and Suppleness ..read more

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