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The Life of a Minor Wife in Thailand For most in Thai society, the concept and the reality of having a minor wife in Thailand never mix. It can apply to a significant minority of relationships, but for the majority of modern Thai society, the concept is one of past history. Thai law states that income earned and property acquired by a Thai husband and wife is common property during the term of the marriage, while property belonging to both parties before marriage remains personal. Carla Boonkong continues; “In many marriages in Thailand it is the woman who handles the finances and day to management of the marital enterprise. Many Thai men with a strong first wife, who have extra income, may choose to have a minor wife where the relationship is more casual and carefree.’ It should be noted that a man in Thailand with a minor wife, has a continuing obligation to this woman. It should not be seen as a casual affair. This may be difficult for westerners to understand especially where the man may not be always able to fully support the minor wife or where the minor wife is not simply a kept woman. Although this financial support may not always exist, the long term relationship will continue, even though the coexistence of this couple may be spasmodic. Recommended Thai Dating Sites Already convinced of the benefits of Online Dating & want to know the best Sites Go To Our Reviews Now Foreigners Living in Thailand and Minor Thai Wives A 20 year English expat was recently interviewed. He stated; “As a westerner living in Thailand, I don’t necessarily think the minor wife system is bad. The husband is happy because he’s not so bored with just one woman and he also has a person he can actually talk to. And, as modern women in Thailand often make their own money, the cost of having the Mia Noi can be a lot less than it used to be. The major wife is a lot of the time very happy as she has less pressure placed upon her for sex, she knows that her husband is having a second wife and it makes it less likely they will get divorced and, as long as she and the kiddies are taken care of financially, this set up often works fine for her. As for the Mia Noi side of the story, the couple of minor wives I’ve met here were are happy enough with the situation.” Although this opinion is quite common among expats, it does not take into account the basic understanding of Thai society and its acceptance of foreigners. Foreigners in Thailand are tolerated and rarely accepted. Therefore certain traditional practices are not automatically righted to foreigners who decide to make Thailand their home for one month or 20 years. Any foreigner who adopts multiple wives is not looked upon in the same forgiving light as a Thai man. The foreigner is expected to behave in a certain way and taking on a 2nd or 3rd wife, is outside of those accepted behaviours. Some may judge this a contradictory and they would be correct. Unfortunately, the behaviour of some foreigners can determine the overall perception of all foreigners in Thai society’s eyes. Minor wives are not just girlfriends The key thing for western men to understand is that these second relationships are not ‘affairs’ or to use a English colloquialism: ‘a thing on the side.’ Minor wives expect to be provided for by their husbands and there is an element of trust and commitment required from both parties as in any marriage. Foreign males can struggle to accept this due to their own cultural paradigms. The idea of a party entering a relationship with somebody who is already in another relationship and expecting trust is contradictory in itself. Many western males will struggle to hold the appropriate level of respect for a Thai woman in is prepared to be a minor wife. In western culture, the woman is already accepting 2nd place and lowering herself in public view. ← Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives - Pt 2 Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives - Pt 4 → The post Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives – Pt 3 appeared first on Find Your Thai Love. ..read more
Introducing the Kik | Not a Minor Wife or Girlfriend If foreigners interested in Thailand or seeking relationships in Thailand weren’t confused already by the fluid nature of minor wife relationships and marriage among some sections of the Thai population, along comes the ‘Kik’ to mix things up further. Pronounced ‘Gig”, the term Kik refers to another that you are having regular sexual relationships for financial outlays. Sex on the side with benefits is an analogy that westerners understand. One may ask, what the difference is between a Kik and spending time with a prostitute? There is no clear defining difference between the two. Definition of a ‘Kik’ in Thailand is Not Quite Clear There is some confusion among Thai people about the meaning of a ‘Kik’ relationship. For most it is simply a casual relationship. But there is a question as to whether there is a sexual element to the relationship or not. For instance in Bangkok among younger students some claim a ‘Kik’ is a girlfriend or boyfriend who one dates but doesn’t have a sex with but this is not accurate. Carla Boonkong states; “A Kik is a friend in flirtations and often sexual way. It is an accepted subculture in Thailand where there is a surprisingly high level of acceptance of human sexuality even though many Thai people are very old fashioned about sex. But there are also many who are more liberal. I know an older woman over sixty who has many younger Kiks. In this instance the term Kik would more appropriately termed old Kik.” Recommended Thai Dating Sites Already convinced of the benefits of Online Dating & want to know the best Sites Go To Our Reviews Now Thailand’s Attitude to the Kik Thai culture is very reticent about sex and in many respects very conservative. Yet in practice it is a complex, yet traditional society. Many middle aged Thai women consider sex at such an older age to be unacceptable while many older women have affairs. Semi nudity may cause offence among some elements in society while many office parties feature sexy dancers. There is certainly an ambiguous attitude towards sex in Thailand but in general, Thailand is a country where people enjoy a lot of personal freedom. This conservative display conflicts directly with the open displays of nudity and frivolities in the entertainment districts of the tourism hubs. When questioned about this, most will clearly state that these areas are different because it is what western tourists desire. Quite convenient. Thai Society and Western Cultures and Values Foreign visitors to Thailand should not judge Thai culture as soon as they arrive. There are many aspects to Thai culture that will be seen as conflicting, contradictory and at times, offensive. One must remember that it is these cultural differences that make Thailand a unique culture and one that should be preserved, not forced to adapt. Thai men and women should not be judged through the lens of western culture and values. While the activities of Thai men and women who are wives, minor wives or Kiks may seem odd or even amusing to some, these cultures and practices can often breed confusion and misunderstanding among westerners involved in relationships with Thai partners. The same cannot equally be said for Thai women looking at western men. More and more in Thailand, western culture and values are being seen and even welcomed. The key to it all is understanding and communication. ← Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives - Pt 4 The post Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives – Pt 5 appeared first on Find Your Thai Love. ..read more
The Thai tradition of multiple wives continues among different levels in Thai society. Although the strict legal situation in Thailand is that a man can only have one wife, financial prestige and the accumulation of wealth seem to be driving factors to make additions to one’s family arrangements. A recent survey of Thai women undertaken for a Thai dating site estimates that as many as 17% of Thai women are Mia Noi or minor wives of Thai men. Although not a direct translation, the term Mia Noi is understood to be 2nd wife. One Bangkok commentator, Carla Boonkong stated that the figure could be as high as 20%. ‘It is a wide enough term and it is a facet of Thai society that I personally would like to see change. It is fall out of Thai society which is quite unique but I think many westerners see it too much as key part of Thai culture, to me it often appears as a side product or should I say accident of Thai culture.” Thai Culture and Custom Accepts Multiple Marriage Partners Many western men consider  the idea of Thai men have more than one wife to sound like an exotic and perhaps in some instances an alluring prospect. It sounds like a dream come true. To many women from foreign countries particularly western countries, it is offensive cultural trait that should remain a part of ancient history. However according to the Bangkok commentator, the reality of the situation it is a little more mundane. “It is a custom in Thailand across all levels of society and regions that some men, often wealthier men, take more than one wife. While many Thais accept this, many also do not like the idea of a man having multiple wives particularly younger women. It would also be wrong to say that this was a rigid social and cultural phenomenon. For example you might have a Frenchman who maintains a mistresses or an Englishman who is having long term affair. What is essentially the same thing is more accepted in Thailand where western style religion never laid down strict and rigid boundaries.” Recommended Thai Dating Sites Already convinced of the benefits of Online Dating & want to know the best Sites Go To Our Reviews Now Men in Thailand Compared with Western Society Thailand is a patriarchal society without the moral constraints of a strict religious system which merged in western countries and formed attitudes which strictly defined marriage. The introduction of monogamy in Thailand was, in fact, the result of a response by Thailand’s rulers to fend off conflict between Thailand’s laws and foreign powers in Asia. In Thai society, there is a marked difference in attitudes towards men from modern western societies. Carla Boonkong  continues; “This is a startling fact about Thailand that hits most foreign men when they first visit; women smile at men and are interested in finding boyfriends or partners. Even going back through history, I believe western women have thought differently from Thai women when it comes to men. This is why, apparently, Thai women make such good wives or partners, this deference to men also prompts Thai men to behave differently. But this is changing now, and I am glad for it.” Relationships in Thailand | Economic and Romantic Thailand is a country without a western welfare system. Without such a parachute, the importance of earning an income and the ability of men to be able to provide in any relationship are extremely important. Many portions of the country suffer from economic deprivation. This has traditionally driven Thai women into the sex industry or into low paid jobs in foreign countries. The prospect of finding a financially secure husband is very enticing to many Thai women at some levels of society. Carla Boonkong  continues; “This is very true for young Thai women who move to the big cities in search of better fortune. They find themselves challenged between low paying work and the sex industry. Some find a long term boyfriend or benefactor. It is not unlike the sugar daddy phenomenon among women from poorer parts of America fifty years ago moving to New York. The difference is that in Thailand, there is an accepted role here. A woman can become a Mia Noi to a wealthier or well established Thai man.” ← Thai | Western Relationships are Increasing Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives - Pt 2 → The post Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives – Pt 1 appeared first on Find Your Thai Love. ..read more
Thai Men with Minor Wives Thailand is quite enigmatic about things like this. For instance, prostitution in Thailand is mostly reserved for Thai men but it is not something openly talked about at all. The same is true for minor wives. Thai culture affords Thai men in particular, a lot of freedom and perhaps more options than western men. This is why Thai society is quite complex at times for foreigners to understand. Ironically, this is one of the reasons why you find a certain number of Thai women looking for foreign partners. The majority of modern Thai society no longer accept it. Even though Thai society is changing, one must remember that the majority of Thai families and relationships are not unlike western ones. This is a remnant of older Thai culture in a country which has for many decades been moving towards their own version of a western model. Thailand’s Patriarchal Society | A Western Perspective According to long term western expats, Thailand offers it’s men and foreign men living in Thailand more freedom. According to a 20 year English expat; “There is seems to be an old fashioned point of view towards relationships in Thailand. I’ve lived long enough in Britain to recognise this and to some extent I have come to see the faults with it, it’s so sad to see so many women whose lives revolve around having a husband and taking care of him. I see it in my own wife and I rather think it is the fact that I have come to think like that, that makes foreign men more understanding to Thai women and so Thai women see us in a more attractive light. The feminists have trained us well, maybe. The thing changes in flash when I arrived back in Heathrow Airport in London. There I am on the other side of the divide, an old fashioned dinosaur to many of the younger women in England. That’s the other side of it, so that’s why I’m here in sunny Thailand.” Recommended Thai Dating Sites Already convinced of the benefits of Online Dating & want to know the best Sites Go To Our Reviews Now Varied Relationships in Thailand Carla Boonkong agrees; “To some Thai women, with a degree of affluence, the husband taking a minor wife is something that comes natural when the main wife finds herself established. On the one hand, a Thai woman who finds herself ensconced with a financially secure husband, will sometimes lose the run of herself and the Thai man may find he is involved in a relationship that has become a duty. At the same time, the Thai wife will be afraid of losing her husband and see a minor wife not as a threat but as a way of keeping the relationship. But it all varies, there are all sorts of variations and I as have already said, this is the situation in a very much a minority of relationships. Many Thai men will be circumspect about such activities and often it is a personal secret, sometimes the main wife will know, other times she may not.” Marriage and Relationships more Practical Relationships and even marriage in Thailand are more practical affairs with an emphasis on the ability of a man to provide. But this should be kept in perspective. Marriage in Thailand is still very romantic and loving but it is less idealised than it is in western culture. Thai women are keenly focused on the material ability of the relationship to provide for living expenses and of course for the raising of children. There is also a personal and loving aspect as with any relationship anywhere in the world between men and women. Thai culture fosters a ‘warm’ and loving environment in all familial relationships. Thai women look to their culture for pointers on how to actively support the relationship and like to feel that they are in harmony with Thai culture and tradition. Due to these Thai cultural beliefs,  the relationship can be more economic and paternalistic. Men can have more freedom and women can be prone to insecurity and anxiety. Status of Men More Dominant in Thailand Thai culture has always encouraged Thai women to value men and play a supporting role. This is certainly changing as more Thai women opt out of marriage in Thailand in favour of careers. This is a trend all over Asia. For many Thai women, economic considerations dictate that they find a man to support them.  The cultural values of society suggest that in finding a husband, preferably one with enhanced ability to provide to provide, that this also reflects on her character. A financially well off husband is seen as endorsement of the Thai woman. The converse of this is that if a Thai woman cannot find an appropriate or suitable husband and she has career prospects, she may well opt to stay alone. A financially deprived Thai woman however may see a role as minor wife to a more successful man as appropriate. She may not feel the moral mortification that a similar western woman would feel. But no relationship is identical as in all human affairs. Carla Boonkong continues; “I think most Thai women, who are main wives, have some inkling about what is going on but I would equally say that there is always some sort of rivalry at some level.” One must not ignore the regular media reports of Thai men who have been murdered or have suffered penis amputations when one of the Thai wives has been left aggrieved by the state of the relationship. The grass is not always greener on the other side. ← Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives - Pt 3 Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives - Pt 5 → The post Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives – Pt 4 appeared first on Find Your Thai Love. ..read more
Dating people of different cultures is never dull and for the most part, is a rewarding experience. The biggest relationship killer is apathy. Becoming so used to another that is close to you, can be dangerous and destructive to any long term relationship. We have all dated people from our own race and culture and although this can be comforting by ensuring that communication is simple and direct, it can also be dull and void of expectations. Dating people of different cultures - YouTube Sometimes, the best explanations are given by those who are actually experiencing firsthand what others try to explain. The following video provides a great explanation of how cultural differences in dating are a positive thing. It discusses how the physical looks are only surface deep and it is really the individual’s makeup and nature that will be the most important between two people, regardless of their genetic makeup. ← More Younger Foreign Men Seeking Thai Wives Thai | Western Relationships are Increasing → The post Dating People of Different Cultures appeared first on Find Your Thai Love. ..read more
Minor Wife or Mia Noi | A Valid Relationship in Thailand? It would be wrong to think of the Mia Noi as a long term sex worker. Many Mia Noi have employment or even businesses of their own. Although most husbands with Mia Noi fully support the second wife this is not always so. Carla Boonkong  continues; “It is very peculiar but I have met Mia Noi who have gone without financial support from their husbands and who will try to fend for themselves but still remain loyal, this is where it becomes difficult for westerners to understand.” The nature of relationships between minor wives or Mia Noi and their husbands in Thailand is complex. There is a large range of varieties in such relationships. You can have an elder farmer who is living with two younger wives who are distantly related for years or you can have a minor property developer who has a minor wife who runs the family business funded by the major wife. It can simply be a man who has moved on to another relationship with a woman but who still has a relationship with his first wife. Whatever the basis for the relationship, the existence of this phenomenon is more prevalent than one would expect. Similar to many other aspects of Thai society, it is not always simple and straight forward to label something easily. The concept of a minor wife in Thailand is not clear cut. Recommended Thai Dating Sites Already convinced of the benefits of Online Dating & want to know the best Sites Go To Our Reviews Now Legal Situation of Minor Wives in Thailand The legal situation in Thailand however, regarding minor wives is clear. There is no basis for a second wife under Thai marriage law. Marriage and Divorce laws in Thailand are surprisingly modern and based on the western model. Until 1935, polygamy was very much part of the Thai legal framework regarding marriage. Prior to 1935, there were three different forms of wives in Thailand. The first was the ‘Mian Glang Muang’ or main wife. This is was the official wife often chosen by the families of the marriage partners. Thai Wife Selects a Minor Wife for her Husband To this day there is a reported Thai custom that the official wife of a Thai man will sometimes select or find him a minor wife. Although this is a common understanding, no Thai wife will admit that she has played this role. To do so would be to lose face. Carla Boonkong  continues; “This is very shocking to western sensibilities and indeed to many modern thinking Thais but there is a thought process like this among a section of the Thai population particularly where you have a Thai man who is wealthy.” The Third Wife was a Sex Slave Prior to 1935 the  third form a wife, the ‘Mia Glang Tasee’, was effectively a sex slave or concubine who was purchased by the Thai man from her parents. This is certainly that would be unacceptable in today’s world but it still happens in some circumstances, according to Carla Boonkong. It would be wrong to suggest that slavery is accepted in Thailand. It is not and the Thai authorities spend a lot of time and resources in stamping out all forms of the practice in particular situations where women are coerced. The concept of a paid for concubine is an Asian concept and is still active in some parts of Thai society. There are situations where men effectively buy a woman in Thailand by paying parents of the girl who will be obliged to provide a service to the man. This is appalling conduct and is a dangerous path to take for many men particularly foreign men who believe they are merely mimicking Thai behaviour. In such circumstances, some young Thai women will feel an obligation to honour such ‘paid’ agreements. This ambiguous relationship also exists where a young woman is set up in an apartment effectively as a concubine to a Thai man. This third form of wife is a different relationship from that of the minor wife. Ironically, in some situations a Thai woman living with a man in this third wife category may have less challenges to that of a minor wife who is not always a kept woman. Monogamy is Now the Marriage Law in Thailand It should be highlighted that Thai law today unequivocally states that a spouse cannot be married to another person while being the spouse of another. It is also true that most modern marriages in Thailand among the middle class, on the surface, are identical to marriages in western countries. Monogamy is the law in Thailand but as observed in everyday life, it is not always the practice. There is a complex spectrum of personal relationships between men and women in Thailand. This is actually not so different to western countries. However, in Thailand there is a cultural acceptance of certain ‘prescribed traditions’ that are considered unacceptable to many in western countries. ← Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives - Pt 1 Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives - Pt 3 → The post Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives – Pt 2 appeared first on Find Your Thai Love. ..read more
True or False – Relationship breakdowns are a factor driving western males to seek Thai women as long term partners? Can this type of statistic be tracked or is it just another throwaway statement that is used whenever the need arises? In recent weeks, a Bangkok based Lawyer who specialises in interracial marriages stated; “It has definitely become more common (Thai women marrying Western men) but it is wrong to think that Thai women are not feminists or weaker than women in western societies. In Thailand the feminist movement is also active in promoting women’s rights but at a more practical level. Divorce is not just something for western countries; in fact Thailand’s divorce codes are quite progressive in many ways.” Although she affirms the increased incidence of Thai women marrying western men, she also highlights a spike in divorce rates among this group, throughout the North Eastern provinces of Thailand. It is now estimated that Western men immigrating to Thailand are supporting over one million jobs in the Thai economy with over one hundred thousand foreign husbands in Thailand’s North Eastern provinces alone. Some Thai academics are quick to highlight an economic link to the surge in Thai women marrying western men to the breakdown in marriages in western countries. An Associate Professor of Humanities at Khon Khaen University has studied interracial marriages between western men and Thai women in Isaan and concludes that it has created a huge income gap between cross culture couples and villagers in the region. She has concluded that it has fuelled increased materialism and consumerism. She stated; “Nowadays in the villages, parents will say to their daughter – If your Thai husband is no good you can divorce him and find a farang (foreign) husband.” Despite the economic downturn slowing somewhat, the rate of divorce in western countries, is averaging 50%. Commentators agree that this is one of the key drivers in the flight of western men seeking Thai women to marry or as relationship partners. Recommended Thai Dating Sites Already convinced of the benefits of Online Dating & want to know the best Sites Go To Our Reviews Now What is the attraction between Western men and Thai women? Is it a marriage of convenience or can there really be a genuine attraction between western males and Thai women? Is it a cross cultural phenomenon or is it purely a marriage of convenience, resulting from one or both parties merely accepting their own fates? Some Thai women say that they are more attracted to Western men because of the increased level of care and attention that western men are perceived to given their wives or girlfriends. Other women are more direct in their responses and clearly state that marriage with western males is a marriage of convenience. It should be noted that only a very small percentage of Thai women are interested in finding western men or husbands. Thailand’s society has traditionally been unusually paternalistic in nature with Thai men often exercising their rights to mistresses or second wives in a culture that historically differs from that of western countries. Some Thai women prefer western males because: Western men are perceived as more faithful and less promiscuous than Thai men Western men are seen to be worldlier at a time when Thailand is beginning more and more to look outwards. It has to be said that some Thai women, particularly those less well off, see western men as having more financial resources. This is the key factor for some Thai women. Some Thai women that express a preference for non Asian men with ‘white skin’. Regardless of society’s perceptions of this mindset, the attraction of western culture is increasing as Thailand continues to modernise. Western men believe Thai women to be: More easygoing and easy to get along with. Thai people have a very easy going nature which is linked with their culture and religion. More traditional and family orientated. Thai culture places great emphasis on the family in particular on respect for the elderly and duties within the family. More feminine in their appearance. Many western men feel western feminism has made western women less feminine and certainly less concerned on looking attractive for men. Thai culture underscores a need to be more polite and soft spoken which contributes to the allure of Thai women as being more feminine. Some western men simply see Thai women as more exotic and beautiful The growth in relationships between Thai women | western men may be representative in a growth throughout the world in interracial marriages. There is increased evidence that younger western men are following this path. The median age of western males forming successful relationships online has dropped significantly. ← How to Choose the Best Online Dating Photos More Younger Foreign Men Seeking Thai Wives → The post Relationship Breakdown a Driving Factor | Western Men Seeking Thai Women appeared first on Find Your Thai Love. ..read more
Despite the downturn in the world economy the explosive growth of international relationships continues in Thailand between Thai women and foreign men. The number of relationships are growing exponentially and with access to internet and world trends, there seems to be no stopping of this social change. Whilst some have resorted to labelling this as a form of sex tourism, this assumption is incorrect. A number of research studies highlights real and genuine stories of international relationships between foreign men and Thai women. A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom described Thai ‘girlfriend relationships’ adopting different forms. These different forms can vary and change over time and therefore it is difficult to label one relationship in a single genre. The Progression of a Thai | Western Relationship Many relationships commence as a holiday companion and grow from there. This can occur through meeting a partner on the internet and inviting them to spend a holiday in Thailand or foreign visitors to Thailand meeting Thai girls in tourist resorts such as Pattaya, Chaingmai, Koh Samui or Phuket. More affluent foreigner visitors to Thailand meet more up market Thai girlfriends in this category particularly in Bangkok. There is no doubt that some of these meetings involve forays into prostitution. There is ample evidence for this and there are many horror stories online from undesirable outcomes. Related: Why Thai | Western Relationships are Increasing Many foreign men and Expats staying in Bangkok or more affluent resorts develop relationships with more modern minded and often educated Thai girlfriends. Many have tertiary level education and are interested in a less traditional relationship with a foreigner. Many Thai women, particularly those with education and more affluent backgrounds, feel that a relationship with a foreigner is more fulfilling. There are many Thai women who now have long-term relationships with foreigners. Many of these foreigners live and work in the west and visit Thailand a number of times a year. Many of these women are simply women who no longer fit into the more traditional Thai society and have chosen to break with traditions and look outside traditional boundaries. Many opt for the freedom this change offers. Recommended Thai Dating Sites Already convinced of the benefits of Online Dating & want to know the best Sites Go To Our Reviews Now A recent UK post graduate thesis completed an analysis of international relationships between Thai women and foreigners particularly from the USA, United Kingdom, Commonwealth and Europe. The analysis included interviews with over 200 respondents who had been or are currently involved in relationships, many involving Thai women. The outcomes revealed that 78% of these relationships began online through dating sites and social networks operating in Thailand or involved online communication at some stage. The study also highlighted: Many younger foreign males have started to develop long term relationships with companions that they have met in Thailand. The number of males bringing their Thai girlfriends home to meet their families is increasing, despite strict conditions introduced by consulates and embassies regarding visas. The economic downturn in western countries has lead to increased immigration into Thailand by businessman with capital to invest. There has been a huge growth in professional companies catering for this market with international investment companies opening offices in many Asian capitals. Some younger professionals are opting to depart the west and prefer setting up small businesses in Thailand particularly tourist related ventures. With the increase in internet speed and affordability, this trend will continue to increase. Many young graduates are opting to travel to Thailand to teach English or a foreign language as the demand for foreign languages grows in Thailand. Whilst the current trend to use Thai nationals to teach English, it has been recognised that this concept is not delivering the best outcomes. Native English speakers are better teachers. There has been a dramatic breakdown of traditional marriage patterns in western countries notably the UK and the USA in the last fifteen years. Many unskilled and skilled non professionals are opting not to marry but now because a marriage failure can cause financial ruin for the remainder of their lives. Thai Women Leading Economic Development Thai women are leading economic and social development in Thailand particularly through their use of the internet. Many of the modern relationships being formed would not have been possible without the internet and cheap, instant communication between individuals around the world. A recent socio economic study highlighted the real contribution now being made through foreign marriages, notable in the north east of Thailand. The Thai girlfriend phenomenon has become a significant force with large scale remittances from foreign male partners to Thai girlfriends now becoming a significant foreign investment into Thailand. The USA, UK, Japan and European countries were the most significant contributors.. Many of these payments are made through Western Union which has begun to expand its network in Thailand through retail outlets and ties ups with the major banks. In recent years, the speeds of currency transfer services has increased. In 2018, same day transfers are not uncommon. ← Dating People of Different Cultures Many Men in Thailand Have Multiple Wives - Pt 1 → The post Thai | Western Relationships are Increasing appeared first on Find Your Thai Love. ..read more
Figures from the central marriage registration offices in Bangkok show increasing evidence that the median age of foreign men marrying Thai wives is decreasing. A spokesman stated: “More and more of the younger guys know what they are about and understand the culture, I dare say in the future that this may be a more positive thing, we are also moving away from the old stereotype.” It is no secret that Thailand is one of the first countries men think of when seeking a wife, due partially to the famed beauty of Thai women and their femininity. In fact, it is not only Thailand to which men will look when seeking an Asian wife, but the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia are also popular when Western men seek a beautiful young partner. Thailand appears to be favoured, with many thousands of foreigners, visiting the country during their vacations in the hoping of finding the right young Thai woman. One of the reasons for Thailand being favoured is not only the particularly famed beauty of Thai women, but also their good manners, their elegance and their welcoming demeanour. Why do Westerners Seek Thai wives? Why do men come to Thailand to seek a wife? Many have simply been unsuccessful back home in their search for a partner. Others are divorced or widowers, and are seeking someone younger with whom to spend the remaining years of their lives. It is also a fact that others have been unable to accept the changing attitudes of women towards men in the Western world. In many ways, middle aged single men in the west have been left behind. Related: Why Thai | Western Relationships are Increasing Back home, they may find that they are no longer the head of their household in the way they would wish, and are seeking the more traditional approach for a female partner. Western society has changed over the past few decades, and many married men have been unable to accept this. It is not only these older divorcees that are seeking young Thai wives. Recommended Thai Dating Sites Already convinced of the benefits of Online Dating & want to know the best Sites Go To Our Reviews Now In recent years there has been an increase in the number of young, single foreign men coming to Thailand seeking a lifelong partner. Even though these younger males have many opportunities in their own country to find a partner, they are looking elsewhere. This is a direct result of the changes within western society and new roles that are expected to be adopted by both males and females. For many younger adult males, the modern social paradigms are confusing and contradictory. Marriage laws and family laws when marriages breakdown can easily destroy the financial livelihood on the average male and these younger adults are extremely wary of making this form of commitment. Why Thai Women Marry Foreigners Thai women may have a number of reasons for accepting a foreigner as a husband. Her family will likely be the most important to her; after herself. In fact the security of her family frequently comes first, with her own preferences being a poor second. When a Western man marries a Thai woman he also marries her family, which is why large numbers of married couples of mixed race decide to remain in Thailand. There is a certain status for Thai women that marry a foreigner. This is dependent on the age gap and the appearance of the male partner. If these are judged as acceptable by Thai society, then there is significant increase in status associated with such union. Modern young Thai women are becoming more independent and may not necessarily conform to the conventional perception that their new husbands may have had of Thai wives. She will possibly want to work, so that she can contribute to the household finances, and many men are astonished to find their new Thai wife to have a good business head. Whereas this prospect may be concerning for an older western male, younger males welcome the modern mindsets and attitudes towards contributing to the relationship on an equal basis. Thai women tend to fit in well with Western business culture, and can generally hold their own in business negotiations. Some Aspects of Thai Culture There are many cultural differences between the West and Asia, and there are several aspects of Thai culture of which prospective Western husbands should be aware: The national religion of the Kingdom of Thailand is Buddhism. There are certain dress rules for entering Buddhist Temples, but they are easily to understand once explained. Foreigners are welcome in Buddhist Temples and their surrounds. Thais welcome any foreigner who is inquisitive enough to visit. Discussions regarding the Royal Family are best left alone. There are strong laws in Thailand that prevent the discussion of most topics and therefore, starting a conversation with a Thai is placing them and yourself in a compromised position. Traditionally, Thais do not sunbathe. Once can consider the large majority of Thais to act in a similar manner to vampires. They will only venture into open sunlit areas when there is minimal or no sunlight. Dark skin is considered ugly and low status. Never touch anybody on the head: this is considered a sacred part of the body. If you need to, then it is wise to ask first.   If you date a Thai woman you may find her turning up with a female friend. It’s not because she doesn’t like you. This is a form of chaperon, and she might also be a bit wary of you. Related: A Chaperon Can Be a Good Thing Sometimes There is no need to get tied up and concerned about Thai traditions that much. You are not a Thai and will always be considered a foreigner. Therefore, the large majority of traditional behaviours will go past your eyes without you even recognising them. For those important traits, somebody will always provide some gentle guidance, when necessary. ← Relationship Breakdown a Driving Factor | Western Men Seeking Thai Women Dating People of Different Cultures → The post More Younger Foreign Men Seeking Thai Wives appeared first on Find Your Thai Love. ..read more
You’re signing up for Thai Online dating and you get to that step where it’s time to add your photos when you realize that the only pictures on your phone are of your dog, what you ate for dinner last week, and that random sunset that really made your night last Friday. Most of us don’t have the perfect photo for our dating profile sitting there in our phone, waiting to go. Then again, maybe we do after all. As it turns out, the perfect online dating photo for your profile may already be in your camera roll. You just need to know how to choose the right one. Here are a few tips to assist you with selecting the best possible dating photo/s. Don’t Wear a Hat Online daters (both guys and girls) are considered less attractive, and thus got less likes from potential dates, when they were wearing a hat in their photo. People like to see as much of you as possible, Your whole face and even those lovely locks need to be shown off a little. Part of that process is to ditch the hat. Use a Full Body Photo Including at least one full-body photo in your dating profile can get you up a significant increase of incoming messages than the average. Additionally, those people who have a full-body photo receive 33% more replies to their messages. Got a Favorite Sports Team | Get your Jersey Out. People wearing a jersey, t-shirt of their favourite team, or sports outfit in their photos get 32% more incoming messages and 17% more responses. It’s a great way to show off your personality in your photo and give someone something to break the ice with. Thais are huge followers of western sports and enjoy watching and supporting international teams whenever they get the opportunity. Add a Vacation Photo Maybe it’s because everyone looks so rested and relaxed on vacation, or maybe it’s because it’s another great conversation starter. Either way, adding a vacation photo to your profile can get you up to 6% more messages. If these vacation snapshots link with your favourite hobbies and interests, this adds further weight to your profile and provides more topics for discussion. Recommended Thai Dating Sites Already convinced of the benefits of Online Dating & want to know the best Sites Go To Our Reviews Now Outdoor Photos are a Great Idea Men who add an outdoor photo to their profile get 19% more messages while women who add an outdoor photo get 40% fewer. Therefore gents, it is wise to follow the statistics and include at least one decent outdoor shot. Don’t Take a Photo in Your Car Photos of people in front of a car or motorcycle, or inside of a car resulted in fewer likes. So if you’ve got a great set of wheels you may want to think twice before showing them off in your dating profile. Remember, people want to see and connect with you, not with what you drive. Related: Online Dating Profile Setup Tips Ditch the Shades Similar to hats, people who wear sunglasses (and thus hide large parts of their faces) get 63% fewer messages and also receive fewer likes. There will be plenty of opportunities to show off your prized sunglasses in face to face meetings. Be the Only Person in Your Photo It’s hard for people to tell who you are if you use a group photo. So much so that people who have more than one person in their photos get 42% fewer messages. Avoid a photo with an ex or someone who looks like they could be a date. In general, if you are posing with others in a photo and it is not obvious that you are the central character, then it is wise not to include the picture in any dating profile. Don’t Pose With an Animal As the old saying goes; don’t have photos with children and animals. If you’re posing with a dog, cat, monkey, bird, tiger, or any other furry friend, it can get you up to 53% fewer messages. Use Natural Editing In recent surveys, 86% of men admitted that they prefer a woman with light and natural makeup over someone with a profile photo who’s super done up. It was noted that over editing of photos can achieve the same negative results. If you intend to edit profile pics (we encourage this to achieve the best results) then aim for natural skin tones and colours. Use More than 4 Photos The more photos the better, but the magic number is five. After looking into the data, profiles with more than four photos get more messages than those with fewer photos. They also have longer conversations. Summary After reading through the tips above, you may start to see a theme. People want to see you; the real you. It may seem counter-intuitive but your dating profile is the one place you’re actually supposed to show off a little. Ensure you are the main focus of profile pictures. Be natural, and put yourself out there. You may be surprised by how well it works. ← How to Spot a Fake Online Dating Profile Relationship Breakdown a Driving Factor | Western Men Seeking Thai Women → The post How to Choose the Best Online Dating Photos appeared first on Find Your Thai Love. ..read more

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