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A blog exploring science, technology, the strange, and the unknown while ..
For more than a decade now, WoWT has maintained a Facebook page to post links to the latest articles, make the occasional announcement, ..read more
One of the most important traits all social animals have to make sure they stick together and help each other survive as a species is ..read more
During the UI design wars of the early 2010s, quintillions of pixels were lost, the necessary sacrifices for a simple, but effective and ..read more
There’s a non-zero chance that you’ve once seen a person pull off a bold stunt, stand up to intimidation, or overcome visible nerves ..read more
Imagine if you will, Jupiter’s moon Europa as a warm ocean world, Titan as a slightly chilly, but still habitable desert, Triton and ..read more
We live in what seems like yet another golden age of scams. Sure, there might not be snake oil salesmen on every corner trying to cure ..read more
While it would be absurd to say that nothing good can come from a bill with a number ending in 666, the bill in question here, H.R. 5666, ..read more
If you listen to today’s populists, a nation’s borders are almost magical, sacrosanct places that define a nation’s history, culture ..read more
After looking through our files, it turns out we never uploaded an episode we recorded in the beginning of December about the strange ..read more
[ weird things ] by Greg Fish - 1w ago
If you’ve tuned in to the news lately and feel like the world is falling apart and everyone is at each other’s’ throats, you’re ..read more

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