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Chasing the Bliss Blog
Blog about personal growth, spirituality and staying open in a world tha..
​the sunrays hurtthey burn through my maskspiercing right through the layersand layersand layerswho am i am ii amone layerafter ..read more
I have been getting this image today…Do you remember those experiments we did in chemistry class where we would use a little ..read more
crack crack crackingcracking of the flooded gateson the precipice yetto be revealedtake my handdo not be afraidof its unfamiliar ..read more
​I was extremely resistant to writing this post, as I know it will trigger tons of people… but fuck it. I feel it needs to be ..read more
I can still recall the flavour of excited anticipationwhenever you arrival was announcedI can still feel the flushesof hope and ..read more
​here she comes againthe one that cleansesthe one that rebirthsbothwanted and unwantedboth despised and craved sending tides to ..read more
Sometimes I think I have done too much hypnosis, ‘cause every time I walk down any stairs I find myself getting more… and more ..read more
​My shoulders, as golden balls shimmering in the light of the midday Sun, reflecting the warmth back to my earlobes, where it gets ..read more
So funny you, humans, are.Praying for helpyet internallyterrified of having to change any of your ways.Praying for change,for a ..read more
The wall was covered with circles, drawn by the hand of a child.Wobbly and insecure circles sprouting in the greasiness of a thick ..read more

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