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Become a better, more confident writer with practical writing advice from..
Have you spent the afternoon surfing the ‘net and checking every social media app in existence just to avoid working on your expository ..read more
Let’s say you and your pals are in the middle of an all-night cram session for a big exam when you realize you’re out of food. You ..read more
What if I told you to build a garage but offered you no tools to work with, or told you to paint a portrait but you had no brushes, paints ..read more
Remember the good ol’ days when research meant Googling your topic and using just about any source that popped up in your search results ..read more
Most of us have heard about melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and increasing temperatures across the planet. (Did you realize July 2019 ..read more
I’m sure you’ve heard stories about famous writers who say they can’t write until they’re inspired or unless they have the perfect ..read more
We’ve all read something that makes us pause and reread the sentence or paragraph over again. Found in everything from books to blogs, ..read more
Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re searching online for sources for your research paper, and halfway through reading, you ask ..read more
Have you ever heard that touching a frog will give you warts or that Twinkies never expire? These urban legends have been around a long ..read more
It’s a bright, sunny summer day, and you and your friend decide to walk to the beach. You cut through a park and encounter a woman ..read more

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