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Valley Green Tea Blog
Valley Green Tea is an Australia based Premium Chinese tea supplier with ..
A gold question in the tea community There is a gold question in the tea community – does the price of a product reflect its quality? It ..read more
Some terms Tai-Di-Cha (台地茶): Pu-erh teas produced from tea trees of cultivated tea fields/gardens Gu-Shu-Cha (古树茶): Pu-erh teas ..read more
The Chinese traditional wisdom has always told me that ‘you cannot judge a person by his/her appearance’ (人不可貌相). How is the ..read more
A recent case We have had a recent complaint from a customer who was genuinely upset because she found a couples of small sticks in the ..read more
Teas that are more expensive than gold There are some exclusive ‘breeds’ of Chinese teas that are currently fetching prices more than ..read more
The authentic Fuding white teas The authentic white teas produced in the white teas’ heartland Fuding and Zhenghe of the Fujian Province ..read more
As we all know, often the first thing we check on a compressed Pu-erh is the date on the back of its packaging – age equals the value and ..read more
We are all aware of the fact that the older a Pu-erh is, the better the quality. There are currently two options to acquire a well aged Pu- ..read more
Compared to most of the Chinese teas, green tea, white tea or black tea, ripened (Shou) Pu-erh tea is still in its infancy state – born ..read more

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