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Paul Austin Murphy's Philosophy
The articles and essays in this blog range from the short to the long. Ma..
i) Introduction ii) The Grammar of How and Why iii) The Hard Problem of Consciousness iv) Confusing and Conflating How and Why v) How and ..read more
Lee Smolin - The Nature of Time - YouTube [The following paragraph is a standard introduction to my commentaries on various ..read more
i) Introduction ii) Panpsychism?  iii) Idealism and Anti-Realism  iv) Kant's Transcendental Idealism  v) The Copenhagen ..read more
The following paragraph is a standard introduction to my commentaries on various science- and philosophy-based YouTube videos. When it ..read more
i) Introduction ii) There are No Perceptual Illusions iii) Are Icons Representations of a Deeper Reality? iv) How Hoffman Employs ..read more
“Observation is crucial for physical-object talk, the authority of sacred texts and holy persons for religious discourse, and the ..read more
2. Graham Priest, On Contradictions - YouTube The following is a commentary on a interview (see video above) of the ..read more
“No one, it is true, will be able to boast that he knows that there is a God…No, my conviction [that God exists] is not logical, but ..read more
[The title above is an ironic take on Donald Hoffman's 'Reality is Eye Candy', which was a presentation he gave in 2017 at a ..read more
i) Wittgenstein and Heidegger on Science and Religion ii) Wittgenstein and Heidegger on Science and Philosophy iii) Wittgenstein and ..read more

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