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Uses of Gold-Leaf Electroscope and the Electrophorus Gold-Leaf Electroscope is one of the instruments used for testing positive and ..read more
Importance of Equipotentials in Electrostatic Fields In discussing equipotentials, we must admit that the earth must have the same ..read more
Interference Phenomenon In Thin Wedge Films A very thin wedge of an air film can be formed by placing a thin piece of foil or paper ..read more
How to Measure Wavelength Using Newton’s Rings Newton discovered an example of interference which is known as “Newton’s rings”. In ..read more
How Does Mutual Inhibition Affect Visual Stimuli A sensory cell often has synaptic contacts with adjacent sensory units. These synapses ..read more
Differences Between Hormonal and Nervous Communication Hormones are organic compounds produced in one part of the body, form which they ..read more
The evolving Trends and Importance of Data Storage Data storage is currently one of the most underestimated areas of computer science. It ..read more
How to Make Sure You’ve got the Right Contractor Insurance Believe it or not, the first policy in the USA dates back to 1752! If you’ ..read more
How to Measure Wavelength Using Young’s Interference Bands A laboratory experiment to measure wavelength by Young’s interference bands ..read more
How to Measure Illumination Using the Lummer-Brodhun Photometer Before we begin to explain the  Lummer – Brodhun Photometer, lets first ..read more

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