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Reason Revolution articles share perspectives on the future of Secular Hu..

A Leap of Doubt #035: American Intolerance of Immigrants is Not New - SoundCloud(1849 secs long, 335 plays)Play in SoundCloud ..read more

“Almost all ideas are wrong,” Peterson remarked in his opening critique of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Indeed, it is far easier to ..read more

Here’s what’s wrong with your anti mainstream media views. First, the mainstream media is not one thing. It’s not a monolith ..read more

So I’m sure that everyone has heard of globalism or “the globalists trying to take over the world” but if you’re like me then ..read more
In this episode of The Hardcore Skeptic Examines, Cory talked to Dan Arel author of The Secular Activistand Parenting Without God.  ..read more

Only 2 and a half years late, this interview with Callie Wright for the Hardcore Skeptic series on social justice is still as relevant ..read more

In this episode of the Skeptic Studio Cory talked to Kevin Watson about Libertarian Socialism which to a lot of Americans may sound ..read more

According to Wikipedia, rape culture is a sociological concept for a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal ..read more

In this episode of the Shift To Reason Radio, Cory, Lisa, Rene, Dan, and Dave talk Religious Nuttery, Woo, Politics, and Hate. This is ..read more

In this one Cory, Dan, Rene, Lisa, and Dave talk about how we talk to the opposition about climate change, among other things. Then ..read more

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