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Story Seed Vault | The vault is now open
The Vault began as a collection of Twitter science-fiction based on resea..

Android stared at me, confused. Said I had a brain like his. Told him I was paralysed, once. He shrugged, but welcomed me in. His first ..read more

I’m a child of impossibility: both my parents died before I was born. But impossibility is the first step to invention, and those who ..read more

They adjust the wrist bands before slipping into the damp desert club. Beethoven for the hip hop age is born in the midst of a mass of mad ..read more

There was a click as the machine came to life – the second citizen of the Autocracy of Mars. We had sent SeeD, our first AI-powered ..read more

Follow us, fluke and flipper, shape and splash in the sunlit waves. Befriend us: humpback, fin and grey. Fail us. Bones sink to the ..read more

We glide over the city, sticks smoldering in our claws. At alpha’s cry, our talons open. Fire falls from the sky, our greatest predator ..read more

Every day, more and more jurisdictions are declaring a Climate Emergency. As of the time we’re writing this, 598 jurisdictions in 13 ..read more

She pulled on the haptic gloves, and her fingertip grip on reality slipped. Scientists have developed an ultra-light glove that enables ..read more

My sails are strong, and my hands are raw. A dozen boats float close enough to pay witness to my coming of age sailing through the white ..read more

Have you ever had to convince someone you’re human? I recorded my voice for an open source AI. Now the robots look human, and they all ..read more

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