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How To Prepare Well Before A Breast Lift In Miami? Any surgery requires you to take certain precautionary steps to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly. Not just that, but it also helps you to heal quickly and minimize any kind of risks of complications or things going wrong during the surgery. Breast lift preparation is also essential before you actually go ahead with a breast lift in Miami. Ensuring proper preparation will help you recover quickly and prepare you adequately for the upcoming procedure. When it comes to preparing for a breast lift in Miami, there is naturally some blood work involved. The preparation for the surgery begins at least two weeks prior to the actual date of the surgical procedure. This ensures that you get an early start and don’t have to rush at the last possible minute. It is important that you have a support system prior to the surgery as a good plastic surgeon in Miami will definitely recommend it. This ensures that you do not have to experience any post-surgical trauma alone. You will also need to arrange for a loved one or a friend to drive you to the clinic and back home after the surgery. In addition to that, a loved one should stay with you, at least for the initial 24 hours post-surgery. It is equally important to ensure pet-care or childcare if necessary so that you can get the surgery done stress-free. It is also recommended that you do not drink alcohol or smoke before the surgery. In the same vein, you should not take any herbal supplements, aspirin, or ibuprofen during this two-week period. Most of all, get the best plastic surgeon in Miami to get a breast lift to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Carlos Spera is a reputed name in Miami for breast lifts and other aesthetic procedures. For further details, visit https://www.carlosspera.com! Schedule Your Consulation Please complete the form below to have a representative contact you promptly about our services. [contact-form-7] What is Breast lift? Depending on the sagginess of the breasts, the procedure may require different incisions:1. Around the areola (minimal ptosis)2. Lollipop (around the areola and vertically)3. Inverted Anchor (around the areola, vertical and horizontal) Working through the incisions, excess skin is removed from the bottom portion of the breast. Breast tissue is displaced in a higher position and the nipple placed in the keyhole incision.Many of the patients undergoing breast lift also want freshness / volume to the look of the breasts, so that the choice of implants also add in the time of surgery. ..read more
Common Myths About Eyelid Surgery in Miami Debunked Many people opt for eyelid surgery to get a younger look. However, when talking about eyelid surgery in Miami, some common misconceptions must be addressed. It is essential to note that eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can be performed on both upper eyelids as well as lower eyelids. You can also choose to get it done on either of the two. Before you look for a plastic surgeon in Miami, it is essential to read about some of the common myths about eyelid surgery in Miami. The first one is that such a surgery has chronic dry eyes as one of its side effects. Your plastic surgeon in Miami will tell you that it is not valid. Some people also think that they cannot minimize dark circles. If you ask the experts, they will tell you that you will definitely notice a reduction in dark circles after surgery on your lower eyelids. However, you must note that crow’s feet, the fine lines on the side of your eyes, cannot be removed by eyelid surgery. Some people come with that expectation to get disappointed later. Finally, you must note that eyelid surgery in Miami is not a simple procedure. Since the area around the eye is very delicate, you need an expert surgeon to perform this surgery on you. Moreover, it is necessary to have all your myths debunked before you decide to get the surgery done. Therefore, visiting the clinic of Carlos Spera, who is a famous plastic surgeon in Miami, is a good idea. He has extensive experience of performing plastic surgery in Miami so he can give you the right confidence by answering all your questions regarding the surgery. So, if you are looking to get eyelid surgery done, visit the website www.carlosspera.com right away! Schedule Your Consulation Please complete the form below to have a representative contact you promptly about our services. [contact-form-7] What is Eyelid Surgery? This surgery is usually performed to ‘open up’ droopy eyelids, and/or remove fat bags from underneath the eyes. PROCEDUREOn your upper lid, Dr. Spera will decide and mark the proper location of your new crease and the amount of skin that needs to be removed. After excising the skin, two fat bags are removed and the skin sutured together. On your lower eyelid, the fat will be removed from the inside (transconjuntival incision). Then, the excess of skin is “pinched” from the outside and removed leaving an inconspicuous scar right below your eyelashes. Some of the fat can be “repositioned” if needed to camouflage your orbital rim or to correct your tear trough deformity. RecoveryThe area around the eyes will be bruised and swollen for about four days. Sutures will be removed in four days. Patients are instructed to keep head elevated and apply cold packs intermittently. The hairline scars will heal and fade within 2 months. Following surgery, patients look refreshed.   ..read more
All You Need to Know About Liposuction in Miami Liposuction is a standard surgical procedure done for cosmetic purposes. In this process, the fat from the body is sucked out from specific areas. Some of the familiar places on which liposuction is performed are hips, upper arms, outer thighs, double chin and others. However, it must be noted that liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. You might indeed lose some weight in the process, but the primary purpose of liposuction is to help you tone some of the prominent body parts. It helps you get your desired body. A good plastic surgeon in Miami can help you get your dream body through this procedure. Liposuction in Miami is conventional but is always good to look for an experienced doctor. When you get this procedure done by an expert plastic surgeon in Miami, you will see that your body is redefined and reshaped in the areas where diet or exercise did not have any effects. A person with toned muscles and good skin elasticity is perfect for getting the procedure done. However, liposuction on hanging and loose skin might make things worse. It can actually be risky if vast volumes of fat are removed from the body. Therefore, it is always good to consult a plastic surgeon who has already performed it on many people. They can assess your skin and fat levels to give you the right advice. Carlos Spera is a well-known plastic surgeon in Miami who have performed numerous liposuction in Miami, so he is the best person to consult. You can always drop by to his clinic or call him up for a consultation. For more details, you can visit www.carlosspera.com, where you can find all the relevant information related to liposuction in Miami. Schedule Your Consulation Please complete the form below to have a representative contact you promptly about our services. [contact-form-7] What is Liposculpture? This procedure removes unwanted fat from various areas of the body. A thin cannula is inserted in small incisions, usually placed in oppurtune areas that are easily disguised. The fat is suctioned out with a strong vaccuum-like device.   Liposculpture This technique is similar to liposuction, with the exception of thinner cannulas used more superficially allow the necessary skin retraction that can re-contour your body. What areas can be treated with Liposuction and or Liposculpture? The most frequent areas are the abdomen, waist, and back, in both men and women. Women also request the removal of fat from their lower extremities (outer and inner thighs, knees, etc). Neck contouring will also improve both men and women’s aesthetic appearance. The fat can be recycled to be used as a facial “filler (cheeks, lips, melolabial lines) or to enhance the gluteal area in women. The results of liposuction are permanent due to the fact that we do not create new fatcells after puberty. When gaining weight, you increase the size of your existing fat cells. After tumescent liposuction, if you gain weight, it will go tot he remaining fat cells in your body. Usually your liposuction surgery will provide fulfilling results. In rare cases, a second surgery will fine tune further results. Some patients will notice improvemnt in their cellulite following liposuction, however it is not advised for that problem only. Due to the use of smaller cannulas, the fibrous bonds under the skin remain intact. These then contract over time causing skin retraction that can even result in the disappearance of skin folds avoiding the necessity for surgical skin excisions.   Procedure What is the tumescent technique?This technique involves infiltrating a saline solution containing ‘local’ anesthesia and adrenaline to the areas of fat, to induce swelling. In addition and according to the patient needs, Dr. Spera treats the areas, with a new soft laser that helps the adipose cells to release the fat or with the “CONTOUR GENESIS” ultrasonic system that melts the fat.   Recovery An elastic compression type garment is applied after surgery, to be worn for a few weeks. Depending on the complexity of the liposuction, you may stay overnight in our recovery suite, or go home to rest. Activities are gradually increased as tolerated. Normal activities are resumed after 3 – 5 days. ..read more

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