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At Musicaroo, we help people improve their voice and learn how to play va..

Great preamps cost a ton of money. At least that’s what manufacturers of expensive microphone preamps want you to believe. And there is ..read more

Few things express love better than music. Singing to your girlfriend or to a crush will let her know how you feel in a way that is far ..read more

A great microphone is not enough. Neither is a quality guitar or other instrument. Without a great preamplifier, or a channel strip that ..read more

A dynamic mic for recording vocals in a studio? I know we generally think of studio recording as a job for condenser mics, but dynamic ..read more

Isn’t it obvious? The best violin brands are the traditional makers who have been fashioning quality instruments for years. Well….that ..read more

The Audio-Technica AT2035 occupies an important position in the market. It is one of the few good microphones to bridge that gap between ..read more

The Rode NT1-A is extremely popular. A large reason for that is the low price. It is rare to find a condenser microphone selling in this ..read more

We all know you need to warm up before playing a sport. You can feel it. If you don’t warm up first, your muscles feel tight. Only after ..read more

Some mics are perfect for vocals. But they don’t do a good job with instruments. Others are great for a specific type of instruments. ..read more

If you’ve seen a lot of live shows, chances are you’ve seen the Sennheiser e945 microphone in action plenty of times. It is a favorite ..read more

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