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Plant Care Today shares fun ideas for Your Home, Garden and everyday livi..

If you grow plants, ornamental trees, shrubs, vegetables and houseplants, you’ll likely encounter: Powdery Mildew Blossom-end rot Leaf ..read more

The “Lucky Bamboo Plant” really isn’t a bamboo even though it may resemble one. It comes from the Dracaena family and is the species ..read more

Dragon’s Tongue, also called Hemigraphis Repanda (hem-ee-GRAF-iss, REP-an-duh), belongs to the Acanthaceae family and is native to ..read more

Blue Pearl Sedum (SEE-dum) is a Sedum hybrid developed by Chris Hansen, a plant breeder fascinated with these ultra-hardy perennials.  ..read more

Chamaerops humilis (kam-AY-rops, HEW-mil-is) is a slow-growing evergreen flowering plant species from the Arecaceae or the palm family.  ..read more
Turk’s cap lily, is known by its scientific name as Lilium Superbum (LIL-ee-um, soo-PER-bum), of the Liliaceae or lily family. It is a ..read more

Mexican honeysuckles, botanically called Justicia Spicigera (jus-TEE-see-ah, spik-EE-ger-uh), belongs to the acanthus family (Acanthaceae ..read more

Myrtillocactus Geometrizans (mir-til-oh-KAK-tus, jee-oh-MET-rih-zans), also known by the scientific names of: Cereus Geometrizans ..read more

Bat guano – or bat droppings – is used widely across the United States as an organic fertilizer.  Guano deposits are generally ..read more

For the effortless growth and reproduction of your plants, potassium is quite essential.  Once referred to as potash, potassium ..read more

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