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Vedic astrology and Horoscope Reading and Online Astrologer.
Saturn transit to Capricorn 2020 On 24th of January 2020 Saturn is going to transit to Capricorn sign from Sagittarius. Saturn will stay ..read more

Astrological Combination for Late Marriage in Horoscope In your life, everything should happen in a proper time. There is a proper time ..read more

Venus in 10th house will influence your Career or Profession directly. You can be involved in work or Profession which are influenced by ..read more

Mercury in 10th house will directly impact your Profession or Career. It is a Very important placement for Every Ascendant. But its ..read more

Matchmaking for Marriage In our Indian society, matchmaking before marriage is a tradition from ancient ages. As time passes, with the ..read more

Quick Navigation Career in Astrology from D10 chart and Main Birth ChartImportance of Career AstrologyImportant Houses for ..read more

What is the Meaning of Saturn and Moon Conjunction Saturn-Moon conjunction means when both Saturn and Moon are in Same Sign of your ..read more

What does Jupiter in 10th House Mean Jupiter in 10th House mean In your Horoscope Jupiter is Placed in the 10th House or Bhava. Jupiter is ..read more
Placement of Mars in 10th house is generally a Beneficial Position for You. Mars is a Malefic Planet and 10th house is a Kendra House as ..read more

What is Karma Karma Means Work. But not necessarily only Profession or what we do for our Living. It has a broader aspect. Karma generally ..read more

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