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PowerShell.org is a collection of online and in-person resources for the ..
Im not following. $Members is only being used as a variable for server names when trying to query for servers with an expired license. I ..read more
$result = Invoke-Command -ComputerName $Members -ScriptBlock { $path = 'C:\Program Files (x86)\TerminalWorks\TSScan Server\TSSCan ..read more
How about this? $Process = Get-wmiobject win32_process -computername $computername | select *,@{Name='Owner';Expression={($_.GetOwner ..read more
Import-CSV “Filepath” | ForEach-Object { Set-Mailbox -Identity $_.Identity -IssueWarningQuota 46gb ..read more
TonyD05 wrote: It works for me 🙂 That is good!  The last directory I tried it on was at a 2012 function level.  Could that be the ..read more
Please – format your code as code here in the forum using the code tag button named “PRE“. Thanks. And please post the complete ..read more
TonyD05 wrote: And technically, this will set their home directory (but this does not work) <textarea class=”ace_text-input” ..read more
Ok. You can also just open a desktop.ini file with Notepad or any text editor to look at the contents, and this list of parameters may be ..read more
Hey guys, Working on a project designed to find expired licenses for a 3rd party app called TSPrint. I’ve got a working command that ..read more

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