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FTM Magazine
FTM Magazine is a hard-copy, positive reflection of the female to male tr..
FTM Magazine by Jason Robert Ballard - 2w ago
What's your favorite Trans joke? Use the hashtag #translol and share it with us on Twitter ..read more
FTM Magazine by Noah Wagoner - 4M ago

We've interviewed Noah Wagoner as he his 10 year anniversary of beginning HRT. Find out what he recommends through the first decade ..read more

In this video, Sam Collins discusses the Pros and Cons of taking HRT / Testosterone Therapy ..read more

In this video, YouTube Blogger and Personality Aydian Dowling discusses what to expect on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy ..read more

With these 4 Easy Steps, you'll be injecting from home in no time. Always consult a Doctor for the best sites and practices ..read more
FTM Magazine by Jason Robert Ballard - 5M ago

4 Easy Steps to successfully administering your Testosterone with the Subcutaneous method ..read more
FTM Magazine by Jason Robert Ballard - 5M ago

To be honest, there are a substantial number of FB groups designed for FTM Guys. Some of them are inclusive to Non-Binary folks, some are ..read more
FTM Magazine by Jason Robert Ballard - 5M ago

Terms change as time progresses, let's keep a running list as we go ..read more

A medical study confirms it - 63/63 patients studied by the Maine Medical Center prefer SubQ injections - But is it effective ..read more

A Medical Transition often requires one of two injection methods, so what's the difference ..read more

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