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Robert Joyner
Acrylic painting tutorials for beginner through advanced artists. Discove..
  Expressive Still Life Painting Video Demonstration Using Acrylics - Bacon Bits Episode 7 - YouTube  Demo overviewIn this ..read more
Created with acrylics, graphite, crayon and collage.Enjoy a collection of abstract owl paintings created with acrylics, graphite, crayon and collage on paper. Unique and colorful owl artwork inspired from the love of painting animals.If you know anything about me then you understand painting expressively is what I do. Cows are without a doubt my most popular animal subject and get most of the attention. But that's before owls came along.These birds are the newest animal muse to take over the studio and have become very popular on Instagram. Plus I have enjoyed finding interesting ways to paint them and collaging, crayon and mark making all seem to go well with this subject.What's next?The plan is to continue to paint them of course! But I also want to experiment more to see how far I can push the abstract qualities and still have it look like an owl. Once I get more comfortable I'll start to add some owl painting tutorials to painthog so if you are a member you can look forward to that for sure! ..read more

  Abstract Still Life Painting Techniques - Bacon Bits Episode 6 - YouTube  Time to brush up on your expressive painting ..read more
  Let's Paint Cool Halloween Stuff With Acrylics, Collage And Charcoal - Bacon Bits Episode 5 - YouTube  Go grab your brushes ..read more
  Abstract Landscape Painting Techniques Using Acrylics, Collage And Unconventional Brushwork - BB #4 - YouTube  Expressive ..read more
Affordable Expressive Cow Art For The Cow Lover In YouFun, abstract cow paintings created with mixed media on paper and canvas. These cows represent some of the recent works created in late 2018. The focus lately is bold mark making and collaging. The collage part is new to the creative process and I'm thrilled that I finally gave it a try because I love it.Back StoryI started painting cows back in 2008 when I lived in rural Suffolk, Virginia. After driving for hours looking for a place to paint I finally decided to pull over at a cow farm.At the time the cows were in the middle of the field which was pretty far away from my setup. The curiosity got the better of them as they eventually lumbered over to where I was painting. The rest, as they say, is history.Interested in learning he art of painting abstract cows?Be sure to visit my teaching website where I have an online course that will blow your mind! And you can apply the techniques to any animal, too.Click here to check it out ..read more
Created with acrylics, collage and a whole lot of fun.Loose, fun and abstract flower paintings created with acrylics, collage and mixed media. These artworks capture a variety of flowers from Japanese anemones to sunflowers. They also incorporate my newest technique and that collaging.Mixed media has always been in focus with my art. Specifically mixing linear interest using charcoal, graphite and crayons.For years I've always been intrigued with collaging. For whatever reason I just never took the plunge. That all changed about a month ago as I finally purchased some Mod Podge and gathered some pattern papers.What I did nextOne thing I teach a lot is having a go-to subject. One that you can easily fall back on if you lose your way, or want to explore a new technique. My go-to subject is cows. I've painted them for over ten years and rarely get tired of doing it.Having said that I guess you know where this is going? The very first collage I did was a cow. Why? Because it allowed me to focus on the technique and not worry about subject matter. This is critical in my approach to learning and I can't stress it enough to consider having one for yourself.A go-to subject should be simple. An object like a coffee cup, wine bottle, a vase with flowers. If you decide to implement this strategy you will see how that subject changes over the years, too. Fun stuff!Interested in learning how to paint them?Then visit painthog.com where you can find plenty of tips for painting flowers and other subjects. Memberships start at $1 per month. Thank me later!Click here to visit painthog.com ..read more
  Art First, Productivity, Filming, You-Tubing, Social Media And More. Bacon Bits - Episode 3 - YouTube  A day in the studio ..read more
Enjoy a collection of unique and affordable original Maine art.If you appreciate loose, abstract Maine landscape painting you are in the right place. This collection depicts mostly coastal scenes created with acrylics, graphite and collage.So, I started visiting Maine back in 2000. Being a Virginian I mostly vacationed and visited the southern states like Florida and North Carolina. But one Fall I ended up in beautiful Stonington, Maine and immediately fell in love with it.I have a background in commercial fishing ( I was a scallop fisherman from 1992 - 94) so I naturally gravitated to the working fishermen town. I've returned to Maine many times, especially Stonington, and have taken quite a few family members along with me. It's always fun to see their excitement when they see this beautiful state for the first time.Anyhow, it's been six years since I've visited Maine but thankfully I have my art to remind me. I have hundreds of pics from my journeys so it's easy to find new inspiration for the next painting.Hope you enjoyed the expressive Maine art collection. ..read more
  Explore expressive brushwork techniques with the most neglected brush ever, great coffee and more. - YouTube  Plus discover ..read more

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