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Blog on Christianity by Dr.Adam DeVille - Author of Orthodoxy and the Rom..
I've been at several academic conferences over the last decade in which I keep hearing lectures from researchers deep inside Russia ..read more

I've sent some questions for an interview to Shaun Blanchard, author of the new and utterly fascinating book The Synod of Pistoia and ..read more
Published at the end of last year is an impressive new book that adds to the library of books on deification/theosis/divinization which, as ..read more
In perusing the 2020 catalogue from Oxford University Press, I am delighted to find a familiar name, the name of a man who was and is both ..read more
I'm a bit behind here, but last week on a plane greatly enjoyed the 2 January 2020 edition of the London Review of Books. In there I found ..read more
Leonard Shengold, who has died just last week at the age of 94, was a pioneer in helping us understand the utter devastation caused by ..read more
It is of course a commonplace, almost a banality, to speak of the problems of nationalism in the Christian East. But increasingly we are ..read more
It has been said for years that one of the factors holding up the canonization of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky is some concern around ..read more
If this new book by Larry Wolff is half as fascinating as his The Idea of Galicia: History and Fantasy in Habsburg Political Culture, it ..read more
It's been a lot of fun this semester to explore with my students something of the relationship between psychoanalysis and Christian faith ..read more

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