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Jesse Lyn Stoner ~ Seapoint Center
We help leaders create collaborative teams, organizations and communities..

As trust in government continues to erode, more and more leaders of purpose-driven companies are taking public stands around issues that ..read more

Grateful people experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better and even have stronger immune systems according to ..read more
When a team identifies and commits to living shared values, there is a deeper level of trust, better problem-solving and increased ..read more
Leaders lose credibility when they put out a vision statement that is boring or turns people off. Use this vision test to make sure your ..read more
Olympic athletes use mental imagery to help them win the gold. These 6 tips show how to use mental imagery to acheive your goals. The post ..read more

Most planning is for the best-case outcomes, ignoring the high probability that something will go wrong. Failing to plan for problems ..read more

In an era of 24-hour news cycles and social media, people accused of wrongdoing are assumed guilty, and the quality of mercy has fallen by ..read more

These 15 quotes by Mary Parker Follett "the mother of modern management" each stand alone but together point the way to creating a world ..read more
My latest blog post "Why Men Don’t Have Friends and Why Women Should Care" shares an article my professor, advisor and mentor, Don Carew ..read more

Guest post by Larry Ackerman Note from Jesse: I am honored to host this thought-provoking article by my good friend Larry Ackerman on the ..read more

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