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The Anomalist - News on UFOs, Bigfoot..
The Anomalist is a daily review of world news on maverick science, unexpl..

It's remarkable how many archaeological stories spread like wildfire from basically data-less beginnings. This first example may be one ..read more

The body of an unknown creature has washed up on a Mexican beach and left authorities scratching their heads as to its identification. The ..read more

It's worth knowing how George Knapp met Luis Elizondo, which is revealed in the embedded interview. New stuff keeps dribbling out on the ..read more
Keith Basterfield got hold of an audio copy of Hal Puthoff's recent West Virginia speech, an updated version of one given at the June 2018 ..read more
Ready for some good old fashioned story telling? As one commenter said: "If I'm going to believe any Bigfoot encounter is legit, I'm going ..read more

Zealandia didn't exactly fall "into a burning ring of fire," a la Johnny Cash, but it did go "down, down, down" deep into the earth, ..read more

This blockbuster piece attacks disputes that a secret Pentagon actually studied UFOs. Tim McMillan also effectively answers "snidities" ..read more

It doesn't matter where we find good news, in this sideways world we'll take any positivity we can find. For example, a gentleman in Poland ..read more

This one certainly stood out among recent UFO reports. Paul Seaburn's story is strange enough, but just what is an "Australian tank" doing ..read more

Matter tends to be considered a handful of protons and neutrons corralled by electrons, but what about matter which is made up entirely of ..read more

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